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5 Points of Clothing

A couple of months ago I interviewed a group of students at Miami University about their clothing preferences. I was curious to see in mid-pandemic and mid-semester what college students' outfit of choice would be.

Here are my findings:

Question 1: What year are you?

Person A: Junior

Person B: Sophomore

Person C: Junior

Person D: Sophomore

Person E: Senior

Question 2: What's your major and/or minor:

A: Interactive Media Studies (IMS) Major and Entrepreneurship Minor

B: Architecture Major and Fashion Minor

C: Strategic Communications Major and PR and Marketing Minor

D: Supply Chain Management Major and Entrepreneurship Minor

E: Social Work Major and Community Based Leadership Minor

Question 3: Do you have in-person classes?

A: No

B: No

C: No

D: Yes

E: Yes

Question 4: Describe what you typically wear during a school week?

A: Athleisure and lounge wear.

B: During the warmer months, a fun pair of shorts and a T-shirt or polo. During the colder months, usually a pair of mom jeans with a vintage, thrifted sweater. Nike crew socks and Air Forces are always a must.

C: Athletic clothes typically daily, or sweat shorts with a tank top!

D: I usually wear leggings or jeans with a cute top to class but sweatpants once I'm back at home

E: With online classes, sweats or leggings, and in-person (active gear)

Question 5: What do you like to do during the weekends?

A: I like to get out of the house and spend time with friends Uptown.

B: Spend time with my friends.

C: Go out, and hang with friends. Small road trips as well!

D: Relax, get ahead on homework, party and go out to dinner, and catch up on sleep.

E: Socialize, go out, visit the Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings.

Question 6: What do you typically wear on the weekends?

A: Jeans and a fun blouse!

B: The same thing as the school week, honestly! (Fun pair of shorts, t-shirts, mom jeans, and Air Force 1's)

C: Boyfriend jeans and a crop top with a trendy belt, and doc martens or booties!

D: When I'm relaxing at home I like to wear lounge wear, but when I go out (in the cooler months) I wear jean or some type of fun pants, with a cute top such as a sweater or neutral long sleeve top. If I want to go all out I'll wear a tank, jeans, with a blue or black jean jacket. In the warmer months I'll either wear jeans if it's not too hot but if it's hot hot I'd wear a skirt or Jean shorts. On top I'd wear a fun tank top or some kind of cute crop top.

E: A scandalous top when I go out along with ripped jeans, and when I go to the farmer's market I like to "casual nice wear" (leggings and cute sweater).

After this survey I was not surprised by my findings and that is mainly because I wear either the same or similar things.

Thank you to everyone that participated in my survey, I greatly appreciate your time and thoughtful answers!


Kelley M. Flynn

*Some answers have been revised due to clarity or length

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