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Fashion Style; A Personality

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

A person’s wardrobe is filled with all different types of clothes; work clothes, casual clothes; party clothes . . . you get the point. My question is what does your fashion style say about you?

Today when I got up I immediately went to my closet and pulled out a comfy grey sweater and my favorite sweatpants, threw my hair up in a messy bun and without even a glimpse in the mirror I went downstairs to enjoy breakfast. When I came down, my family thought that I was still in my pajamas, considering the looks of my comfort. “Nope.” I said, “I’m dressed and ready for the day.” We all chuckled, but it did make me think - what is my outfit saying about me? Typically, I wear jeans with a sweater and a touch of makeup when I go about my daily activities. However, since my circumstances have changed, I have taken a laid back approach when it comes to WFH.

When I dove deep down into thinking about my closet and what exactly it holds, I realized it makes up so much of who I am. Right now you could say I'm at the bottom of my glamorous scale, which really means I don't give two sh*ts what people think. My personality at that moment, in my "groufit" and day old hair is laid back. However, I would describe myself most times as not such a laid back person, in fact, I would say I'm more of an energetic kind of crazy! Usually jumping from place to place, and idea to idea, my brain is like a never-ending corn row maze. In the spring semester when Ohio is at its coldest, I am probably wearing a pair of dark blue jeans with a sweater and on the cold, cold, days I have a matching set of hat, scarf, and gloves for the walk to and from classes. Does that outfit describe a happy-go-lucky, sometimes chaotic girl like myself? At first thought I would say not my personality at all, but on second thought, it shows that I also like to present myself to my professors as someone who takes class seriously (although sometimes I feel like I could pass out at any moment) and that is just another aspect of who I am.

It is my opinion that my fashion style says a lot about me, but there will never be one outfit or piece of clothing that will ever completely describe a person's personality.

XO, Kelley

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