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My Top 10 Summer Must-Haves

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

These are my top 10 favorite things for this summer! Since I am doing a lot of work from home most of my "must-have's" are laid back and more casual.

(Click on the picture for anything you might be interested in and it will take you straight to the site!)

  1. Pair of white sneakers: one of the best colors when looking to pop that summer tan!

2. Tennis Skirts

I am in love with tennis skirts in the summer time. They are cute, fun, flirty while being comfortable at the same time. The perfect win-win.

3. Tie Dye! One of the most popular trends this summer.

4. Bathing Suits and Cover - Ups:

Hit the beach with the cutest suit!

5. Jewelry:

In the summer I love gold jewelry to enhance my tan!

6. Jeans:

Whether white or blue I love them just the same.

7. Dresses:

Best time of the year!

8. PJ's:

By the end of the day I looking forward to putting on my favorite pajama sets.

9. Sandals:

Time for a pedicure, because it is sandal season!

10. Bags, Bags, Bags!



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