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Role Model Monday: Ellie Goldstein

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

18 year old Ellie Goldstein, who has Down Syndrome, is a model for Gucci Beauty and Vogue Italid's "Unconventional Beauty" campaign. The project was first brought to light in January of 2020 on Instagram. The theme of the campaign is to promote "unconventional and non-sterotypical beauty. Goldstein said to British Vogue,

"I feel so proud of myself, especially to have been chosen for this."

The campaign has encouraged other companies such as Marisa Santiago, Target, and American Girl, to use girls and boys with disabilities in advertising and to model their clothes.


Goldstein, Joelle. “18-Year-Old Model with Down Syndrome Featured in Gucci Beauty Editorial: 'I Feel So Lucky'.”, People Magazine, 9 July 2020,

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