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Save the Earth One Pair of Jeans at a Time

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Have you ever heard of a Capsule Wardrobe? Well, to be completely honest with you before a few days ago I had no clue what it was either. During my Event Planning meeting for Miami University Fashion & Design (MUF&D) we discussed fast fashion and how we as young fashionistas of society can help make a difference.

For those of you who don't know what fast fashion is, it is a term used to describe companies who make and sell apparel at a low price often times when creating these items the waste of the textile is thrown away emitting untreated toxic wastewater into the environment. In fact, it is 10% of the earth's pollution, so it is up to our generation to turn things around before they are irreversible.

The proper definition of a Capsule Wardrobe is: To have a maximum of 30 - 35 pieces of clothing, accessories, jewelry, and shoes to wear over a certain period of time.

I am making a pledge to myself, MUF&D, and to the earth to dress in my capsule wardrobe starting November 23rd. 35 items. 30 days.

If you are interested in joining me here are the few simple steps it takes:

1. Plan for what your upcoming month may look like. (Will you be traveling?)

2. Choose items you absolutely can't live without. (Maybe that's a piece of jewelry, or a

favorite bag.)

3. Pick out some pieces that will go with everything to make it easier to mix and match


4. Wear your capsule wardrobe with pride!

For me, my essentials items are black leggings, pair of jeans, my favorite white Steve Madden tennis shoes, and a grey v-neck sweater. Moving into later November it's going to get cold, so I automatically said goodbye to tennis skirts and summer dresses and said hello to the hoodies and hats.

My must-haves are:

- Leggings (3)

- Workout Shirts (3)

- White Tee (1)

- Black Jeans (1)

- Blue Jeans (3)

- Sweaters (5)

- Jean Jacket (1)

- Pajama Sets (4)

- Blouses (2)

- Running Shoes (1)

- Tennis Shoes (2)

- Booties (1)

- Winter Hat (1)

- Handbag (2)

- Necklaces (2)

- Bracelets (2)

- Watch (1)

I put a lot of thought into what items I wear most and what items are special to me. Since I am a student I spend most of my time doing school work and throughout my many years of perfecting my study habits I learned that I focus best when I am more put together, hence, the four pairs of jeans and five sweaters. When I am not sitting at my desk I enjoy running around town so including workout clothes is a necessity. I suggest when you put together your capsule wardrobe you sit down and think about what you usually wear, what typical activities you participate in, and what is something you just can't go 30 days without.

To be blunt I don't think this is going to be very easy. Before I go out I usually change what I'm wearing about 3-5 times before deciding, but the benefits are going to outweigh the hardships of minimizing my closet. With less to choose from the more time, you will get in return, doing more of what you enjoy (hey, you'll finally have time to make yourself a proper breakfast for once!)

Best of luck with your Capsule Wardrobe, drop in the comments on how your experience is going!



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