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10 Things About Me

Last fall my younger brother, Matthew, had been applying to college and during this very stressful application process one of his essay prompts was to "Give 10 Things". It was very vague; could have been anything from your top 10 favorite books to your top 10 favorite places. After much thought he decided to go with "Top 10 Things Not Even My Friends Know About Me". It was genius and guaranteed him his spot to his first choice, Wake Forest University. So, I thought if the shoe fits, why not try it myself!

So, here goes nothin'!

1. My Favorite Music Album is Mamma Mia

There is something about singing along to Amanda Seyfried's Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) at full volume as you're driving down the freeway (going at the speed limit - of course) is so up lifting. I highly recommend if you're having a rough day.

2. My Childhood Activity Was Dance

From the ages of 3-18 dance consumed my life: ballet, jazz, hip hop, musical theatre, partnering, pointe, and the list goes on. The best part about it was the lifelong relationships I develop, I have friends who are years above me, and some who are still in high school which is something truly very special. Through my 15 years I learned a lot, but most importantly I learned the true meaning of resilience. There were many nights I spent crying while others were spent rejoicing.

3. I Didn't Use Social Media Until High School

I was late to the social media game. I downloaded Instagram and Snapchat during my high school years, but I didn't love them. I let the nerves get to me, constantly being stressed about the numbers. "What would people think of me if I didn't get 100 + likes?" "Why am I not cool enough?" or even worse "do people not like me?" Being older and looking back on it I realize that my focus should have never been on the numbers and instead on the content; sharing the things that made me happy.

4. I'm a Big Believer in "Eat Dessert First"

This one is more of a metaphor; meaning do what you love first and then focus on everything else. I have learned that life is short and I don't want to get into a position thinking I wish I did more and now my chance is lost. And in literally terms ... why would you not eat dessert first? It's always the best part!

5. My Favorite TV Show is Dateline

I have always kept this one to myself, I was afraid of what people might think of me if I told them I have a strange obsession with murder mysteries and I enjoy watching an absurd amount of documentaries about them. Ironically enough, when I do build up the courage to share my secret, I get the same response every time: me too!

6. My Greatest Strength is Organization and My Biggest Weakness is Procrastination

My one item I must have on me at all times is my planner, it is literally my life line, any detail even if it is minor I have to write down. If you were to step into my work space all you would see is a huge wall calendar, post-its, and notes with reminders of things I need to get done. Yet, I wait to do everything until the very last possible second. I try to convince myself that I work better at night or I do better in high pressure situations, but when it comes down to it I don't do so well.

7. I Have Two Ear Piercings

This was a decision I made the day before I left for my freshman year of college. I had been feeling like I wanted to do something a little ~risky~ but not too risky that I would later totally regret, so I went with a second ear piercing. I figured this way when I'm old I just don't have to wear a second earring anymore, but for now I'm going to rock my youth.

8. I am an extroverted introvert

Remember Buzzfeed Quizzes? Yes, me too. I would spend hours taking these brainless quizzes just to find out what my spirit animal is. One quiz in particular was "Are You an Extrovert or an Introvert?" and my result was "You're an Extroverted Introvert" at first thought I was like great a non-answer, but after some thought it made sense. In situations where I'm surrounded with my friends and family I can be the funniest one in the room, (or at least I like to think I'm funny) completely my goofy self. But put me in a situation where I don't know a soul I immediately hold on to my phone like a clutch.

9. My favorite quote is "Own your decisions and own who you are and without apology" - Anna Wintour

This one I have to give credit to Instagram Ads. Of course, as one does they casually scroll through Instagram and you can't go three posts without seeing an ad; this time it was Masterclass. A little snip-it of what a class with the one-and-only Anna Wintour would look like. In some ways I look up to Wintour as a role model, her utter confidence and drive to be successful is so inspiring to me. That is why when I heard this quote it stuck with me, because it's true you need to believe and trust yourself without apologizing for who you are.

10. My newest hobby is learning Italian

I started leaning Italian in February, my hope is to one day live in Milan and work the glamorous life of Milan luxury fashion. So, I figured the first way to start is by learning the language.


Kelley M. Flynn

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